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Frequently Ask Questions  

What is contains safe material for kids. You can see new things on There are online games, interesting activities, stories, poems, jokes, discussion forum, and of course the Monthly V SHINE International Magazine.

Some segments being visited largely are Museum, Activities and Forum. Kids ask questions about their studies, health and social problems at UNCLE SHINE and get satisfied.

MY PAGE is another busy segment at website which enhances kids’ talents of writing and creativity.

No fake things are approved and kids can go through VShineworld safely.

Who can become a member at  

You can easily become a member at by creating an account if you are a:

·         Child

·         Parent

·         Teacher

·         General visitor

What is registration process of signing up?

Just provide some information about yourself:

·         Your Full Name

·         Your Email Address (Your personal email account for example: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.)

·         Password.

·         Country

·         Gender

·         Date of birth

·         And just solve the simple mathematical equation for security purpose

After submitting form, you will receive an email from with a verification code. Just copy this code and put it on Sign-up form. Now your sign-up process would successfully complete.

Where I can login after verification?

Just press sign-in button on right corner. Enter your email and password and press sign-in button.

Where I can update my complete profile and upload my picture? 

After you login, click on Settings link at top of the page. Here you’ll find account settings section. You can update profile in detail, choose your hobbies and tell about yourself in ABOUT ME. But don’t write your email address or any other social network username. Remember your picture and profile both are subjected to approval. Try to submit your own decent picture and avoid celebrities. Or choose any given picture below.

How can I reset my password?

Click on password link in Settings section on left panel? Enter your current password and new password twice. Now press SAVE settings button.

Can I reset my username (email)?

At you can never change your email address. This is your PERMANENT username at

I have forgotten my password. How can I recover it?

Click on FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD at right top. Enter your email and verified code. Click NEXT and read notification. Enter the confirmation code and enter new password, and then press NEXT to login.

What is “Verification code” OR “Confirmation Code”?

It helps administration of to check if you are the real owner of the email you have entered.

How can I participate at

Just login and participate in many activities at like MY PAGE, FORUM, QUIZ and GAMES. You can ask UNCLE SHINE about your problems. Stories, poems, articles, drawings, comments and posts are all subjected to approval. So don’t try to submit twice or more.

What is “Screen” and “Screen Name” and how can I choose my unique screen name?

SCREEN is a page of your own. Just click MAKE YOUR SCREEN button and follow the instructions. You would be required to submit your profile and picture in ABOUT ME. Your first name can be a SCREEN NAME. But if it has been taken then try nickname. If you nickname is also not available then try other available suitable words like sharp, clever, brave etc. SCREEN NAME and ABOUT ME would be approved before publishing.

How can I explore MY SCREEN?

After login, you will see MY SCREEN button at top. Click it and see all of your participated and shared stuff at one place.

How can I use Screen and how can I participate at other member’s screen e.g. SHARE SCREEN and INVITE FRIENDS?

You can send request to other members at to invite for friendship. The request would be sent at their email and then you’ll be informed through email if it’s accepted. You would be informed with your FRIEND’S activities and stuff at You can also send your SCREEN as a link to all of your friends present at any other network by clicking SHARE THIS PAGE button.

What is FRIEND at VShineworld?

FRIEND has a special meaning at VShineworld. Friends comment at each other’s stuff and come to know about another’s hobbies and interests. You would be informed with your FRIEND’S activities and stuff at Comment at their stuff and post your views at different suggested topics. All comments and posts are subjected to approval. You’ll be informed with comments and posts through email. Never try to send any rude material otherwise it would be deleted before publishing.

How to subscribe MONTHLY V SHINE INTERNATIONAL online?

You can see the preview of magazine and subscribe it online easily. Just click the MONTHLY V SHINE INTERNATIONAL at home page.

How to fill subscription form of magazine?

You are required to fill the form as indicated and then choose your payment method.

Where can I find Monthly V SHINE International?

Monthly V SHINE International is available at bookstalls of different countries including Pakistan, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. A list of bookstalls can be seen here.

Link list of bookstalls

How is safe for kids?

A large number of members participate and thousands of visitors read daily. All comments and posts are checked before publishing to avoid rude material. Publishing of emails and other contacts are not allowed.

Why my stuff has not been published at MY PAGE?

The rules and instructions to publish your stuff at MY PAGE are as follows.

·   Stories, poems should be written on your own.

·   Articles should not be copied as it is from any other source. Try to put inside your own words and thoughts.

·   Try to create on MSWORD and check for spelling mistakes, punctuation, and grammar.  It will ensure urgent publishing of your story, poem or article.

·   Drawing should not be taken from and any other source. Drawing can be handmade or use software like paint etc. Handmade drawing can be scanned from scanner or camera. Rough drawings are also rejected. 

·   Jokes can be copied. Avoid rude jokes or relating any race, language, caste or religion.

·   All the stuff is subjected to approval so it can take some time to publish.

·  If you’re not satisfied with the rejected reasons then let us know sending email at You’ll be replied after some days.

What are the reasons for rejection of MY PAGE and shall I be informed with them?

Here are some possible reasons for rejection and you’d be informed through email with the related reason.

·   Your writing or drawing has been copied from the Internet or somewhere else.

·   Your article is completely copied and nothing has been changed.

·   Your drawing is too rough.

·   Your joke is not publishable.

How I can receive more stars for my stuff at MY PAGE?

Rating Stars are given at the time of publishing but they can be increased or decreased if required. Editorial team will decide for rating stars of stuff at MY PAGE.

How can I become winner at MY PAGE and win prizes?

Five winners are announced at the start of every month. They are chosen by editorial team and rating stars or comments don’t necessarily affect the result. Anyone can win more than one time.

What are requirements to deliver the prize and how long I have to wait for the prize?

Update your profile by clicking SETTINGS button with complete name, shipping address, landline number and cell number. Remember cell number is essential for courier service. You will receive the prize in a period of month. Prizes are delivered all over the world.

How can I ask questions at Uncle Shine?

You can ask questions at Uncle Shine by clicking ASK QUESTIONS button at UNCLE SHINE.

How can I participate at FORUM?

You can post your views by clicking POST REPLY button. You can also suggest any topic BY clicking ADD YOUR OWN TOPIC. Don’t forget to set the topic category.

How can I ask UNCLE SHINE?

You can ask any question by clicking ASK QUESTION. You can receive your answer personally or publish it as well. Uncle Shine will answer you after some time.

How can I attempt QUIZ?

Click START QUIZ. You will be given TWO minutes to answer 10 questions. You must be a V SHINE member to attempt the Quiz. You can attempt the Quiz only once in a month.

How to win a free magazine?

Top 20 Quiz winners (with maximum correct answers) will get the latest issue of monthly V SHINE International. If the winners are more than 20, winners will be picked by a draw.

Why I can’t attempt QUIZ second time?

You have only one chance to attempt QUIZ but later on the QUIZ will be divided into three segments (beginners, medium and advance). The required information will be put later on.

I can’t find my required question here at FAQ?

You can submit your required question here.