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Question By   Humna Jamal

A library of my own

I love books and my dream is to have a small and beautiful library at my home. How can I open a library and how people will visit it?

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   Trinity Methodist School
Total Views   335
Published   Jun 2nd 2011

Dear Humna,

It’s easy to make your own library at home. Initially, you just need bookshelves and books. To begin with few books, you may only need one bookshelf unit. First divide your books into two stacks i.e. fiction and non-fiction. Paperback books store better horizontally on a shelf. This keeps them from becoming warped or bent. Vertical is fine if books are packed tightly on the shelves. Ask your friends, cousins or other family members to pay visit to your library. You can label sticky tapes and stamp the books in order to keep record of the books issued. And not only for others, but your library can help yourself and your family members in fact.

Your Uncle
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