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Question By   Murtaza Mushtaq

Exam routine

My exams are going to start and I have a lot of course how can I study can you tell me a daily routine?

Problem About   Studies
City   Khobar
School/College   Pakistan International School
Total Views   367
Published   May 10th 2011

Dear Murtaza,
Here are some tips for your exam routine.

  • Avoid gossiping with your brothers and sisters and even friends. They will engage your mind in different unimportant things and you may not attend to your studies mentally.
  • After revising and learning the concept or practicing any exercise, take your own tests.
  • Make a test paper or request any person to make a test paper for you and you attempt within calculated time.
  • Make your schedule of studies harmonious to the SALAT. Always take care of offering Salat.
  • Avoid games and chatting!
  • Do Dua for yourself, your parents and others.
Your Uncle
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