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Question By   Farzan Junaid

Soccer Skills

I am not good at playing football and an inter-school football competition is just a few days away. What should I do?

Problem About   School
City   Islamabad
School/College   GSIS
Total Views   335
Published   Jun 2nd 2011

Dear Farzan,

Any sport or activity requires practice to develop skills and master the same. Exercises such as warming up and stretching your body will keep you fit besides building your stamina. Your physical trainer at school can suggest more exercises related to your game. I can suggest a few things here. Use both feet, as you can’t always use your stronger foot in the game. On a wall, mark an area of 1ft × 1ft. Now practice kicking the ball inside the marked area from a distance of 5 metres. Dribbling, shooting, heading, tackling and defending are other skills of the game which you can learn with practice.

Your Uncle
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