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Question By   Sehr Nisar


Uncle, this question is related to my future! I want to be Astronaut but when people listen my opinion they laugh on me! and i really loose confidence, sometimes i give them a good answer too!My father is agree with me! so what should i do to be confident o my future planning? or i should be a astronaut or not? I really want to go on moon as a representator of pakistan with the pakistan flag to dig it there!

Problem About   School
City   Larkana
School/College   The City School
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Published   Jan 27th 2010

Dear Sehr
Don't let your confidence shattered by others. The best way to get rid of being ridiculous is that you don't share your dream with everybody. The best way to energize your future intention is to spend more time the people who support your mission, for example, have frequent discussions with your father. You will feel you can laugh on those who try to discourage you by making fun of you

Your Uncle
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