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Question By   Queen Nizami

My doll is lost

There was an annual function in my school. I wanted to bring my doll to participate in the function but I lost my doll. I could not find it. Florence (my doll) was my favourite. I want my doll back. How shall I find it? I am not good at finding things. I cried a lot. My doll was from Canada.

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   The city School
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Published   Mar 24th 2011

Dear Queen,

Sorry to read about your doll. We understand it was your favourite toy. Do you think there was a little carelessness on your part? Try to recall if you had put it somewhere else and forgot. It seems strange that someone likes a thing and on the other hand shows laziness in finding it if it is lost. You should try to find it at your home first. If you are so serious in bringing the doll to the school function, arrange another or tell your friends that you will skip the event.

Your Uncle
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