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Question By   Hashir Akram


I am a student of class seven. I’m good at study but can not understand mathematical questions, which leads me towards less percentage.

Problem About   School
City   Lahore
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Published   Dec 26th 2009
You are good at study but Math decreases your percentage, this is really a serious issue with many students. Some students like one subject while the others like another.
Actually, comprehension or understanding of any subject depends on your interest, that how much you are involved in that subject. As far as Math is concerned, it is also a fascinating subject if read with interest. All businesses, scientific calculations, engineering and technical works in the world are made just because of this subject. We can solve many problems by using it. If somebody is week in this subject, he should certainly and promptly consult to his teacher in recess or free period, and learn that questions, he couldn’t understand during the class. These paying attention students are highly appreciated and liked by their teachers and they gladly support them. Moreover “practice makes a man perfect”. So, let’s have start towards success from today.

Your Uncle
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