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Question By   Aisha AbdulQuddus

Typing speed

I have average typing speed but it is not fast. How can I increase my typing speed?

Problem About   School
City   Doha
School/College   Bright Future Pakistani International School
Total Views   504
Published   Mar 1st 2011

Dear Aisha

In order to improve your typing speed, type the sentences that contain almost every letter of the alphabets. Pick one of the following sentences and type it 30-40 times in a sitting, three times every day. After three days, pick another sentence. Your typing speed will start improving in just 15 days if you practice this technique regularly.

1.       THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG" is a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet.

2.       " PACK MY BOX WITH FIVE DOZEN LIQUOR JUGS" is another sentence 

3.       The five boxing wizards jump quickly. 

4.       How quickly daft jumping zebras vex.

Keep your eyes on the screen instead of the keyboard and start typing.

Your Uncle
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