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Question By   Maryam Irfan

How to write?

I love to read but I hate to write give me some tips.

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City   lahore
School/College   scil,lahore
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Published   Feb 22nd 2011

Dear Maryam

You love for reading is appreciable but don’t bother yourself with anything. If you can't found interest in writing then don’t worry you would have interest in so many other creative things. And reading is the best thing to acquire knowledge. Here are some tips if you want to write something.

  1. Steal from your favourite writers. Don’t be afraid to steal — imitation is the best way to incorporate good techniques into your writing. Later you’ll take these tools and make them your own, but at first you should feel free to mimic the best writers.
  2. Share your stuff with others. It’s pretty scary to allow other people to read your work, but it really helps you grow and learn. The feedback from the comments on you get will probably encourage you or help you learn what you need to improve.
  3. Make writing a daily habit. Whether you write in the morning before school, or during lunch, or after school, or just before you go to bed … choose a time and try to write every day during that time if you can. Even just 20-30 minutes a day is a good start. An hour is even better if you can manage it.
  4. Write what you know about. While it’s fun to use writing as a way to explore your imagination, the most realistic writing comes when you write about things you know.
  5. Don’t get discouraged. If you’re not a good writer at first, don’t worry — no one ever is in the beginning. Good writing comes with practice, with experience, with time. Just keep doing it. If you get bad comments from people, don’t sweat it — you’ll get better, and sometimes people just make bad comments because they feel like it, not because the writing is bad. If you read writers who are your age and who seem better than you, don’t worry about it — it’s not a competition. Don’t compare yourself to them, but instead learn from what they’re doing right. You’ll get better.
  6. Grammar and spelling are important. You’ll learn from experience and from reading.
  7. Editing and revision. These are two other things I didn’t like when I was younger. When I was done writing something, I never liked to read over it again and revise my writing. It was such a pain! But let me tell you something: it improves your writing. In your first draft, just let the writing flow, and don’t worry about editing or revising as you go. But then go over it, and read it aloud, and see what sounds awkward, what doesn’t flow, what is unclear. Then revise, and read it again. You’ll learn to improve with each revision.
  8. Avoid formula. Come up with something new.
  9. Observe. Become an observer of life, and of human nature. Listen to people’s conversations to improve your dialog writing.
Your Uncle
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