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Question By   Marium Malik

Science Matter

Dear uncle shine, I am in class four and I don't get nice grades in science how can I improve my self?

Problem About   Studies
City   Riyadh
School/College   Pakistan International School
Total Views   418
Published   Feb 22nd 2011

Science is an interesting subject if you can understand it. You'll always find plenty of cool and interesting things in science. Find simple science experiments and perform them. Experiments are an awesome part of science that allow students of all ages to engage in fun and exciting hands on learning experiences that they are sure to enjoy. However for a solemn study you should follow these things.

Write it down. Writing down what is being taught helps a lot more than you would imagine. You'll also be able catch things your teacher might say that won't be in your textbooks and handouts.

Practice. Science, like math, is a matter of practice. The best way to drive the facts into your brain is to repeatedly work on them. Do your homework.  Teachers give homework for many reasons, and giving you the opportunity to practice is one of them.

Read. Of course, the foundation of whatever you take up in your science class is the textbook. No matter what, the lesson will always take you back to that thick stack of bound paper.

Your Uncle
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