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Question By   Hanzla Malik


Dear Uncle Shine, I got 3A\'s and 3b\'s. So what can I do? I want to get 6A\'s and 0B\'s. So tell me what can I do?

Problem About   Studies
City   Lahore
School/College   Lahore Grammar School
Total Views   454
Published   Feb 12th 2011

Dear Hanzala, you are good student. If you want to get A’s in all subjects, you need to manage your time. Try to give equal time to each subject and little bit of extra to those which you think you are weak at or don’t like.
Follow a strict study plan and practice more and more.  Keep a good attitude on all  things and all subjects. If you have an "I don't care about this class or this subject" type attitude, then teachers will be less willing to help you with problems or offer you extra credit.
If you don't understand, asks someone! Read you’re textbooks and notes, and then if that fails, seek help. Ask a teacher, friend, classmate, parent, sibling, etc.

Your Uncle
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