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Question By   Eiza Waheed

Top in board exams

Dear Uncle! I'm in 9th class & my board exams are to be held in March. How can I Top in board.

Problem About   School
City   Sialkot
School/College   The Vision Group of Colleges (VGC)
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Published   Feb 12th 2011

Dear Eiza Waheed.

We are delighted to know about your passion. May Allah Subhan Hu Wa Tala bless you and help you in achieving your goal. Here are some tips you may follow:

1. Attend All Your Classes: Now, you might think this was an obvious one. But I speak from experience when I say that many students skip classes for one reason or another. But if you want good grades, there are several reasons why you should attend all your classes:

•         Absorb classroom material by paying attention to everything the teacher says!

•          Make presence known/participate.

•         Don't forget to sit close to the front -- historically, those who do are usually the best students.

2. Use Time Wisely: Here are some tips for using time wisely:

•         Tackle harder work first. Yes, tackle the harder stuff first so that you are sure to have enough time to complete it. You'll feel a greater sense of accomplishment completing the work in this order. Take breaks as reward for work.

•         Break larger projects into smaller, easy-to-accomplish pieces.

3. Study, Study, Study:  This one is obvious? Perhaps, but you should be spending at least three hours outside of class everyday. So, here are some suggestions:

•         Study early and often. Breaking your studying into shorter periods of time will make less of a chore -- and give your mind time to absorb the material before moving on.

•         Always, always, always read the assigned readings!

4. Attitude: Keep a good attitude on things. If you have an "I don't care about school or this class" type attitude, then teachers will be less willing to help you with problems or offer you extra credit.

5. Ask Questions: If you don't understand, ask someone! Read your textbook and notes, and then if that fails, seek help. Ask a teacher, friend, classmate, parent, sibling, etc.

6. Homework: Always do your homework. That one seems obvious, but you not only get graded on it, it also helps you understand (and of course, remember things for the test). It has a dual benefit. That is one of the best ways to raise your grade. Do it on time, and write neatly.

7. Taking the exam: Try to stay calm. Some people have terrible exam anxiety. Relax and you should be able to remember more. Start way before the finals. When I say this, I mean earlier than the night before, which is what many students do. You need to slowly and surely review all the things that will be on the final in sections. Always get enough sleep the night before the exam and eat something for breakfast, even if it just an apple or some bread. Being hungry or tired breaks your focus. Show up for the exam a little early.

8. Organization: Stay organized. I have seen so many unorganized students do poorly because they do it and then cannot find it. Keep your old homework, handouts, and notes in a folder or binder, not your book. I am going to say this again: Do NOT keep all your papers in the back of the textbook. This makes it harder to stay organized, and it is hard on the book's binding.

9. Have Some Fun: Don't get too stressed over school. While it is very important, the most important thing is for you to learn something, for it will help you later in life. Now, this is one that needs a disclaimer: Don't overdo this. You should still keep up with current assignments.

Your Uncle
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