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Question By   Hafsa Bhatti

Study Tips

How can I improve my studies? Please tell me what to do?

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Published   Feb 12th 2011

Dear Hafsa, here are some tips to improve your studies.
Write it down. Writing down what is being taught helps a lot more than you would imagine. You'll also be able catch things your teacher might say that won't be in your textbooks and handouts.
Maybe the best thing about taking notes is the psychology behind it. Since you're taking the time to write the lesson down, you're instinctively more focused on it and will thus be able to absorb it more easily.
Pay attention to understand the concept first. Your teacher will do or say things that aren't in the reading materials. Usually, these provide the teacher's personal insights on the matter. These enrich your learning and help you apply the theories to everyday life.
Practice. Science, like math, is a matter of practice. The best way to drive the facts into your brain is to repeatedly work on them. do your homework! teachers give homework for many reasons, and giving you the opportunity to practice is one of them.
Study, Study, Study:  This one is obvious? Perhaps, but you should be spending at least three hours outside of class everyday. So, here are some suggestions:
•         Study early and often. Breaking your studying into shorter periods of time will make less of a chore -- and give your mind time to absorb the material before moving on.
•         Always, always, always read the assigned readings!
 Attitude: Keep a good attitude on things. If you have an "I don't care about school or this class" type attitude, then teachers will be less willing to help you with problems or offer you extra credit.
 Ask Questions: If you don't understand, asks someone! Read you’re textbooks and notes, and then if that fails, seek help. Ask a teacher, friend, classmate, parent, sibling, etc.
Homework: Always do your homework. That one seems obvious, but you not only get graded on it, it also helps you understand (and of course, remember things for the test). It has a dual benefit. That is one of the best ways to raise your grade. Do it on time, and write neatly.

Your Uncle
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