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Question By   Ubaid Ur Rahman


I’ m a student of eighth class. My father wants me to become an engineer but I want to be a teacher. What should I do?

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City   Karachi
School/College   The City Scool
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Published   Dec 26th 2009
I’m truly pleased to know that you are too serious about your future in this young age. You want to be a teacher which is a great profession, our prophet (S.A.W.) liked this profession very much and he was proud himself to be a teacher. Actually, parents always think positive for their children. They always want their children to succeed in the future. If your father wants you to be an engineer, so he must be thinking for your bright future. You ought to discuss this matter frankly with your father. I’m sure, he must be impressed to see that you are so serious about you future. And he must guide you in this regard.  Career planning is essential matter for every child. It requires lots of information and experience.
By the way, if you want to be a teacher, you have to be master in any subject so that you could prove yourself to be a best teacher. You can also teach engineering after being an engineer in any university, by this way both of yours wills will come true.

Your Uncle
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