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Question By   Abdullah Saleem


I know that what weak spots I have but I can't overtake them such as studying; I know that I waste a lot of time and do not concentrate on studies, but I don't know how to overcome them. Whenever I decide that now I AM going to study hard something comes in between and I just ignore it. There are nearly no obstacles in the time while studying but I do create a lot of them myself. Please tell me a way how to get control one self.

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City   Karachi
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Published   Sep 18th 2014


Very true ,

 I know it happens with many people in the life one or the other time

B/c we are not convinced from inside.

Pray namaz and read Quran daily with translation,

walk or play & take full sleep . Drink lot of water and glass of milk at night .

 This will give you energy & decision power.

Then make time table. Have small target in the binging.

The day when you could not meet your target give yourself a warning.

 After 3 warning keep a fast.

 This is promise that in future you will do your work in time.

Your Uncle
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