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Question By   Fatima Irfan Chaudhry

Friend who ignores me in school

There is a girl in my class. She acts like a friend but rarely talks to me in school. And calls me at home to ask questions regarding studies. I am irritated by her behaviour. She totally ignores me in school to hang out with other girls and remembers me at home. I wish to say her not to call me. Call the other girls she hangs out with. But I don't because I think she is my friend and it will be wrong not to help her when she needs help. I don't know what to do. Pleeeeeease help me!

Problem About   School
City   Sialkot
School/College   Pakistan International School
Total Views   461
Published   Sep 17th 2014


But if you are not happy with it Sometime time reply & some time softly say that you are busy at the moment.

Or say that insha Allah when we see each other in school tomorrow we will discuss about it.

 Then she has to give attention & time to you in the school

 I hope it will work. 

Your Uncle
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