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Question By   Rameen Fatima


I am extremely and terribly overburdened by my school work and im not getting good grades at all, and i got first position in clsses 5,6 and 4 and no matter how much i try to study now , i cant i ive lost my interest in reading !

Problem About   Studies
City   Rawalpindi
School/College   Beaconhouse School System
Total Views   480
Published   Sep 17th 2014

My dear

it is true that when you step up in higher

Classes study is becoming more & difficult

but no matter , students work hard & get through .

 i think you are worried that how you can maintain your first position .

you are intelligent  do not get upset ,

Make a time table give time to you &every subject as well.

 Take care of you food , exercise , sleep & peace  of mind .

Your Uncle
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