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Question By   Hiba Rafique


i always want to be a class monitor but four other girls always become one they are my best friends i care for them and every one i am not jealous its just that they once told me that they don't want to be monitors any more and they never keep their word plese help me become a monitor.

Problem About   School
City   Islamabad
School/College   DrA.Q Khan college of science and technology
Total Views   697
Published   Sep 17th 2014

My dear

It is a responsibility. You have to give your time to look after the class.

 Still if you want then go to your teacher & tell him that Please give a chance to me i will prove myself.

 Pray 5 times &pray for yourself that you should get help from Allah.

 When you get it always humble to everyone help them & forgive them.

 Also say thanks to Allah.

Your Uncle
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