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Question By   Ali Zubair

No extra curricular activities

I am in class 5 in Beaconhouse School System. Last year I got highest marks in all 4s, 1st position in debating competition and up to 6 certificates of merit. This year I'm in the senior most class in the school thus there are many positions for children such as head boy or girl, class monitor, group leader, deputy head boy etc and I want to participate in at least one of these but the teachers are not letting me I don't know why. The ones chosen are way less confident and hardworking than me. The teachers change the topic or ignore when I ask them. What do I do to be senior? Please help

Problem About   School
City   Islamabad
School/College   Beaconhouse School System
Total Views   553
Published   Sep 17th 2014

my dear

if there is election of head boy , you can take part .

 But if you only concentrate on you studies it is better.

 B/c you have to keep your first position always .

 This is very important for your career.

Rest of the things are  secondary

nobody can stop you getting good rather top position

 Do not bother .


Your Uncle
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