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Question By   Zainab Riaz

English speaking

Asalam-O-Alaikum!I want to tell you that I can speak good English with my siblings at home, but when I go to school, I can't speak English in front of the teacher and the whole class makes fun of me.My teacher always say that I'm like your mother be confident but I can't.Can you please help me what should I do???

Problem About   School
City   Buraidah
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Published   Sep 18th 2014

My dear

Do not worry.

Try to speak English while standing in front of the mirror.

 It will give you confidence.

 Then only you can learn.

Read English story books. Listen your teachers carefully. Ask your teachers to correct whenever you make while speaking.

Write English stories & send to V SHINE. Stuff at My Page is published after correcting mistakes and grammar.

Your Uncle
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