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Question By   AINA SHIREEN


I like every subject as well as computer also my mother told me not to do computer because it is wastage of time but don’t want to do homework because sometime i get too much bored now also I cooling my heart with v shine?

Problem About   School
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Published   Sep 18th 2014

my dear

Every mother like yours think & wish that her children

Do not waste time & always get good grades in the study

 So she is rite.

 You can find some other hobbies like playing, painting ,gardening .

Reading story books . But ask your mom that she should

Allow you at least one hour for computer as well .

b/c this is modern tool & you should get expert of it .

 in future you will have to use it a lot.

 but promise that you will give one hour daily & on weekend 2 hours .

 i hope she will agree to it.

Your Uncle
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