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Question By   Zaid Hassan


Dear uncle shine, I just want to say that I am not good in English and science. My grades are always poor so how should I improve? Please tell in the next v shine.

Problem About   School
City   Jeddah
School/College   Pakistan International School Jeddah(English Section)
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Published   Feb 12th 2011

When you improve your reading and writing skills, you will find that your grades in English will be good. Here are five ways that when practiced consistently, will improve your English skills immensely.

1. Buy a dictionary.

Buy a combination dictionary which has two sections, one in Urdu and the other in English. A good start is to choose about five to ten new English words to learn each and every day.

2. Purchase a grammar book.

When improving your English skills, a grammar book is very handy. You will find that there are a number of fantastic grammar books available.

3. Learn how to correctly order the words in a sentence.

Correct ordering of words in a sentence is called syntax. This is usually one of the most difficult areas to master in any language.

4. Get amongst people who only speak English.

Try to use complete sentences in your communication with the people you think are good at English. You will find that through repetition, imagery and demonstration, people will pick up on the language in a very short time, at least to a conversational level. Start by trying this with friends and make sure to ask for feedback.

Improving Sciences

Write it down. Writing down what is being taught helps a lot more than you would imagine. You'll also be able catch things your teacher might say that won't be in your textbooks and handouts.

Maybe the best thing about taking notes is the psychology behind it. Since you're taking the time to write the lesson down, you're instinctively more focused on it and will thus be able to absorb it more easily.

Pay attention to understand the concept first. Your teacher will do or say things that aren't in the reading materials. Usually, these provide the teacher's personal insights on the matter. These enrich your learning and help you apply the theories to everyday life.

Practice. Science, like math, is a matter of practice. The best way to drive the facts into your brain is to repeatedly work on them. Do your homework.  Teachers give homework for many reasons, and giving you the opportunity to practice is one of them.

Read. Of course, the foundation of whatever you take up in your science class is the textbook. No matter what, the lesson will always take you back to that thick stack of bound paper.

Your Uncle
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