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Question By   F@ry@! Kh@n

Addicted to mobile phones

I am really in a big trouble I am fourteen, I am in tenth grade I get addicted to mobile phones which wastes my time, and I am not even able to study, please help me to get rid of mobile phones.

Problem About   School
City   quetta
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Published   May 26th 2014

Dear Faryal!

It is good for you to realize that this is addiction and waste of time. You are in 10th class. Now you are not a child that is why your parents bought you cell phone just based on trust. It is a chance for you to uphold their trust. How can you control your desire? It is simple. When you sit for studying, turn off your cell phone or keep it silent and you have to think that you do not have anything to play with. For a few days, you feel that you can live without it.

You can also give your cell phone to your mother during studies.

You have to do so because it is precious time of your academic life in which you can build your better future.

Your Uncle
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