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Question By   Qtahu Saif

Be the most inteligent

How can I get top in my class and be the most intelligent?

Problem About   School
City   london
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Published   Dec 9th 2010

Dear Qtahu,

It is really appreciable that you are very conscious about your studies. In order to be perfect in your academics you should

•    Concentrate your own studies

•    Practice the concept or topic rigorously

•    Take your own weekly tests and have their correction by somebody else

•    Use techniques to memorise the definitions or terminologies

•    Teach anybody else of your grade level who needs help

•    Pray from Allah (SWT) to help you in improving the result.


And remember, try to improve your previous result all the time. Make sure you are gaining the knowledge, grasping the concept and learning the skills. This should be your target in studies. Work hard for yourself.

Your Uncle
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