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Question By   Sana Ali


We are two siblings. My problem is that I have not any separate study room, and whenever I start study my younger brother who is just three years old, comes and tease me. So, I can’t study properly.

Problem About   School
City   Lahore
School/College   OAK
Total Views   789
Published   Dec 26th 2009
Actually younger brothers and sisters are the gifts of Allah. You must be thankful to him for his blessing that he blessed you a cute and naughty younger brother. And of course! We have to find out the solution of your problem as well so that you can study peacefully. A one possibility is that you lock the drawing room (study room) from inside during you study time so that you could study in peaceful environment. The other idea is that, ask your parents to purchase you a study table because it is high enough to reach for your brother to rag your school stuff etc.  A one thing more you can do for your brother is that, provide him a rough copy and pencil while studying, because he disturbs you just because he has nobody to play with. He will also be engaged in drawing the lines in that rough copy and won’t disturb you any more.
Your Uncle
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