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Question By   Selina Bilal


Assalamoallaikum! Dear Uncle Shine, I asked you a question about friendship a few weeks back. You said not to tell anyone your secrets. I know you are right, but my friend knows my previous ones. Do you remember the question I asked you about my friend? She knows my previous ones so sometimes she gives hints to everyone. I know that fighting is not good but I am sick of her. She actually likes to fight. She just needs a reason, even if it’s too childish, for example, one day I told her that I had some earrings just like hers. The next day, I showed her the earrings, first she said that they were nice at break time she came and said that you are a liar these are not like my earrings these are big in size. I told her many times that do not fight but no. She is the same Samia Tariq who asked you a question about her BFF Eman. Even sometimes Eman tells me secretly that she does not really like Samia. She is On V shine and I know that she will be angry after reading my question so please solve my problem and if she asks you any other question please tell her my message too, nowadays we are okay at school, but still we have some fights, please answer quickly I am waiting.

Problem About   School
City   faisalabad
School/College   First Steps
Total Views   444
Published   Dec 1st 2013

My dear,

The reply is the same that please do not share anything with her.

When you know her nature then why you forget.

Talk less do not sit with her as well.

Your Uncle
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