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Question By   Hasan Akbar

How To avoid I Pod (etc)

I am addicted to my I pod and other games like on tab and PS3. I want to leave my habit because of it I am not concentrating on my studies and physical activities. Sometimes I even play till mid night and play. I want you to give me an advice so that I could leave my addiction. (Syed Hasan Akbar, Multan, Pakistan)

Problem About   School
City   Multan, Pakistan
School/College   Beaconhouse School System, OCC Campus
Total Views   432
Published   Nov 27th 2013

My dear, 

You are a very good boy that you realize that you are wasting time.

Pray 5 times and ask for help from Allah Pak.

First you decrease the time then slowly finish it.

Ask your mother to pray for you as well.

Your Uncle
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