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Question By   Syeda Maryam Sadia

Troubling brothers!!

Assalamualaikum Uncle, I have three brothers from which one troubles a lot. I treat him very nicely by helping him in homeworks, assignments, projects and charts. Then whenever I say him an important thing he does not listens to me. He simply turns a deaf ear! When I make him remember that I helped him, he says \"that was only a small work, I could also do it\"........Please please help! Thank you

Problem About   Family
City   Jeddah
School/College   Delhi Public School
Total Views   837
Published   Dec 1st 2013

My dear,

He asks you to help or you do it because he is your brother? 

If next time he request then you nicely apologize that you are busy then see his response.

Boys are a bit different. 

If you can help without any expectation carry on. 
It is a good job.

He thinks he has a right upon you.

Your Uncle
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