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Lonely loner

I have 7 members in my family, and I am in the middle. The thing is that since there are 7 members, my mom is with my dad, my older brother with my older sister, and my two smaller brothers are together. I do not have a match in the whole family. Even my cousins are not my age. I feel left out since all of them are against me. I just feel like I do not have a place in the world. I am way too depressed, please help!

Problem About   School
City   Abu Dhabi
School/College   Islamia English School
Total Views   410
Published   Nov 26th 2013

My dear,

Sister’s always very good friends.

Though she is friendly with your elder brother but you can develop friendship with her share your problems.

All family loves you.

Do not get depress.

Your Uncle
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