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Question By   Rida Aimen


Assalam o Alikum, Uncle Shine hope you are doing good and having fun in live, My problem is that, now a days we are taking first terminal exams and I know that if I will do good in first term obviously I will get good position in 2nd term. but I give all of my time to studies but I play also and watch TV also but still I have burden that still I have to study this and that and my head gets warm and you cannot imagine in what condition I get please help. But still I get good positions and well marks.

Problem About   School
City   Rawalpindi
School/College   Fauji Foundation college for girls
Total Views   400
Published   Nov 25th 2013

My dear,

Please do not take tension do your effort utmost as much you can do then leave the result on Allah Pak. Give less

time to playing and T.V so this extra time will add in your study . 

If we worry and get tense our capacity to work will decrease.

Pray 5 times read Quran-e-Pak daily with translation.

Your Uncle
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