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Help help!! :p

Hello uncle!! My problem is a long one. I wanted to say that my one friend is weird she is selfish + intelligent but she never helps anybody and complains to teachers about my group and then says you have done something wrong although we are cool buddies but we never make a fuss about anything. She used to be my best friend but now she is my enemy. She fights then say sorry and my other friends just say to leave her and she says me that I am her best friend.... Help....

Problem About   School
City   lahore
School/College   beacon house school system
Total Views   398
Published   Nov 25th 2013

My dear, 

Do not announce her to leave but change your behavior.

Do not sit with her in the class.

Play with your other friends.

Then if she asks you explain that you dislike some of her habit and request to change it.

Pray five times and pray for her. 

Your Uncle
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