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Question By   Tehreem Maqsood


I am the eldest of my siblings, and I hate that! I want to have fun like them too. I do not want to take their burden of not behaving on myself, anyways they do not even listen to me. I do not know what to do!

Problem About   Family
City   Faisalabad
School/College   Beaconhouse school system
Total Views   226
Published   Nov 2nd 2013

My dear, 

Never use word hate, use dislike.

You should feel proud of it and that one day they will respect you.

It is a fact that you are elder which cannot be change.

When your parents are alive they can look after them.

You are just a child of 12 year do not feel burden.

It is blessing of Allah Pak that you have sibling, not alone and play with them tell them jokes, stories and make fun.

You are not as big that you cannot make fun.

Your Uncle
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