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Question By   Fatima Usman


A.O.A I want to ask you how should I study for exams as my exams are going to start from 28th Sept and take 1 position. How could I make friends as whenever I want to make I cannot. How could I improve my writing and be a good student, daughter and a Muslim. Please reply soon.

Problem About   School
City   lahore
School/College   rida allide school
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Published   Nov 2nd 2013

My dear, 
Pray 5 times and read Quran-e-Pak daily with translation.
Pray for yourself your parent’s friends, relatives &for all Muslims.
Obey Allah Pak, our Nabi Pak SAW, your parents, and teachers.

Try to be nice with everyone, forgive others, help others, speak truth and work hard.
Make a time table and give equal time to all subjects.
If you come first then always be humble never feel proud.

Your Uncle
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