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Question By   Anusha Noor

Not A Quite Good Friendship...

I am a really good friend and I know the best among my friends...When they have any problem, they themselves ask me and I give the answer...but still they call me Aunt....When I ask them why they are saying this to me , then they say that they say this to me because I treat them like a baby...That is why I do not talk to them for some days after it...but then they start saying bad things to me using bad language...they even fight with me and we do not have a quite good friendship...Please tell me what should I do? Yours Truly, Anusha Noor

Problem About   Studies
City   Quetta
School/College   Army Public School And College System
Total Views   233
Published   Nov 4th 2013

My dear, 

When you advise them or give the solution of the problem they feel small in front of you.

They do it b/c of jealously.

What you do stop advising them at all.

If they ask you just say I am also a girl like you, I do not know the answer then note their reaction and tell me.

Try to behave nice with them otherwise

Read Sura Maoozatan daily after Fajr prayer. (Last 2 sura in Quran-e-Pak) so that you should be saved from the jealousy.

Your Uncle
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