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Question By   Asma Zaheer

My friends

I shifted my school. My hobby is to make friends and I did, I am doing. The new friends talk to me I was happy but one day I closed my eyes in the bus because I feel sleepy but I was not sleeping they started talking about me and one girl told her friend that she will put us in problems. We are friends....but that dialogue is not getting out of my this summer vacation I cannot forget that dialogue & that day...plzz give me an idea to take it out of my mind.

Problem About   School
City   Dhaid
School/College   Al Sabah
Total Views   629
Published   Aug 23rd 2010

Dear Asma,
People utter a lot of words however they act upon them a little. Actually this is devil that incites misunderstandings among us. You know your new friends are fair with you. They have not misconducted with you. They have neither let you feel uncomfortable. If this is so, don't ever think negative about them. Be good get good. Just throw out such ridiculous feelings out of your mind that is there to misguide you.

Your Uncle
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