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Question By   Alia


I read your and other magazines with keen interest. I want to be a famous writer by writing stories etc. How can I start writing?

Problem About   Studies
City   Islamabad
School/College   The Camden School
Total Views   2109
Published   Dec 26th 2009
I’m really glad to know that you are fond of reading and want to be a writer. It is necessary to read a lot if you want to write something. You need a lot of information for writing something. So, first of all, enhance your reading level and get more and more knowledge so that you don’t need to worry while need information for writing any article, story etc.  And take first step by writing short stories, but do get it checked by any elder at home. Keep this point in your mind that, it is not necessary that your first story is the best story, but a constant practice will lead you towards success.
Your Uncle
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