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Question By   Queen Nizami

Copy and teasing

There was a girl in my class Y. She is my best friend too. But when I always sit with her she gets absent. She also many times reacts as if she is angry and not talking how ever I have done nothing. Then she says she was joking. And she copies everything of mine. She bring pen which I bring even the magazines and my hobbies too. She teases me in many ways.

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   Karachi
School/College   The city School
Total Views   558
Published   Aug 11th 2010

Dear Princess,
You are very sensitive and intelligent girl. You really take care of people around you therefore you are also conscious about your seatmate friend. Now listen, your friend doesn't want to break the friendship anyway hence tell her you would carry the friendship on only in case she modify her behaviour, pay attention towards studies and abstain doing anything wrong in the class. Give her some readers or CDs comprising stories of pious people in the past so she could mould her character accordingly.

Your Uncle
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