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Question By   Tehreem Yusuf


Hello Uncle Shine! I have a problem at school. I have friends but not a lot of friends. And the ones I do have are not my best friends. I am nice to everyone and try my best to be friendly. I share my stuff with them but I notice that they do not always share their stuff with me. They do not talk to me as much as they talk to other girls in my class. I think they do not find me pretty enough. I am also a bit shy. Tell me what to do. I want to make more friends.

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   Rawalpindi
School/College   Saint Mary's Academy
Total Views   221
Published   Nov 9th 2013

My dear, 

When you are in the class you have to talk with everyone so do not have negative thoughts because you are shy

they talk less to you.

Concentrate on your study.

Try to help everyone and forgive others these are good habits adopt them.


Your Uncle
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