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Question By   Umair Jamal


I'm the student of grade 6.I want to be the most intelligent boy in my class. I want to be on top. There are always 1 or 2 numbers left. I want to top in final examination. What do I do?

Problem About   School
City   Lahore
School/College   Earl Haig Secondary School
Total Views   475
Published   Aug 11th 2010

Dear Umair,
It is really very good-looking to be at the top however in the whole class only a single person can capture the top position or hardly one more can share. Sometimes in the race of leaving behind others people become very serious and they make their target to make others lose rather winning. This leads to jealousy and use of unfair means sometimes. This is not healthy competition. If you try to compete with yourself it is the best. Try to improve your previous result all the time. Make sure you are gaining the knowledge, grasping the concept and learning the skills. This should be your target in studies. Work hard for yourself.

Your Uncle
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