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Question By   Saman Kamal

Can't sleep properly

When I have to do so much work in the next day, I always sleep late. I try to sleep but my mind always starts thinking about the work. Tell me what to do?

Problem About   Health
City   Karachi
School/College   Pakistan International School(E.S)Jeddah
Total Views   516
Published   Aug 11th 2010

Dear Saman,
You are really very conscientious person. One should appreciate your style of work because you are always worried about that all the time. This habit prevents you sleeping in time. Just realize that Allah (SWT) will ask about only the things we are capable of, not for the things we are not eligible for. Before sleeping just evaluate your day activities you spent your time in and pray from your Lord to strengthen you for forthcoming tasks the next day.

Your Uncle
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