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Question By   Fatima Usman


A.O.A I want to ask you how I can improve more. I get percentage in 80 but I think I can do better. And in school whenever I want to participate in something it is cancelled or I am not collected. How could I become first and make friends because when I make a friend our friendship gets finished.

Problem About   School
City   lahore
School/College   rida allide school
Total Views   200
Published   Nov 11th 2013

My dear,

Try to think that what makes your friendship break because when you want to continue you have to forgive your friend every time.

Try to be nice, helpful, kind truthful, promise keeping as well.

If you are not selected it may be by chance.

Do not lose heart be hopeful.

Inshallah you will get a chance in near future.

Your Uncle
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