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Question By   Anas Imran


When my sister is doing something bad and when I stop her by shouting at her because she do not listen and she is even smaller than me. When I shout she thinks that I had beaten her, so she shouts like an earthquake and by saying that I had bet her. My parents think that I really bet her so the smack me on my face. I do not even get a chance to say the whole story? Please help!!

Problem About   Family
City   jeddah
School/College   al waha intl school
Total Views   208
Published   Nov 12th 2013

My dear, 

In future never shout at your sister.

It is the duty of the parents to look after.

You do your own work.

At the most you can go to your mother and tell her that what she is doing then keep silent do not bother at all.

Your Uncle
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