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Question By   Abeer Imran


AOA my problem is that I have a sister but she always fight with me and now even I do not want to see her. She always disturbs me and irritates me. Just because of her my parents scold me. I really hate her. Tell me what I should do?

Problem About   School
School/College   orchard grammar high school
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Published   Nov 13th 2013

My dear,

Never use word Hate, use dislike.

Please you have to change your behavior.

She is your sister.

Do not hate her.

Forgive her.

This is good for your mental health.

She may wants your company wants to play with you.

When you do not give attention and time to her 

She does like this which you do not like.

Make her your friend.

Give her gifts, tell her stories.

We cannot change others.

We have to make changes in our self.

Your Uncle
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