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Question By   Selena Pink

Need help

The day I have become Head Girl in the school I am sick. Whenever I go to my school I feel ill feel like I vomit any time and got afraid but when I am back home I am alright. And now we are going to Islamabad and I ‘m in new school and I’m afraid to be sick again. Please help me.

Problem About   School
City   peshwar
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Published   Aug 26th 2010

Dear niece,
You are really very careful girl because you have asked about your personal problem. Your fear problem has made you sick. The only solution of this problem is to be brave and confident. How can you be brave and confident, let me tell you
Try to spend most of your home time with your home members and with your relatives. Discuss various things with them. Share your thinking with them and let them to share with you. Don't refuse your elders if they want to take you out or any party.
Read Quran with translation (you can find CDs as well as at internet). Try to comprehend and build a personal relation with Quran.
Read Hadiths and stories of our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) and of his companions (r.a).
In this way you would overcome your problem very soon Insha Allah.

Your Uncle
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