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Question By   Mohammad Bin Hammad


I cannot learn history.

Problem About   School
City   lahore
School/College   the city school(ravi campus)
Total Views   224
Published   Nov 18th 2013

My dear, 

You did not mention that there is problem of understanding or memory.

You read it just as a story book for the first time in holidays then again read but concentrate that who did the good job and

who has done the bad job.

You will feel liking for the people who did good for the country or people this will develop your interest then we learn a lesson

from history that what we should do.

When in life somebody will do good you will like it and encourage those people if bad you will not like it.

You your self will tend to do good actions in future life.

I hope now it will become easy Inshallah.

Your Uncle
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