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Question By   Laiba Shams


{My siblings and I} We are memorizing everything at home during exams, but when the paper is in our hand we get in hurry to do the paper before everyone so we loses our marks.

Problem About   Studies
City   Karachi
School/College   Dueitt Middle School
Total Views   269
Published   Nov 18th 2013

My dear,

This is not the correct way to attempt the answers.

Please tell your siblings as well.

When you get question paper read carefully and give 5 minutes to read it then decide which question you can write very well

then start from that.

It will have good impression on the examiner.

No hurry at all in hurry you will always forget.

Always think that there is Inshallah plenty of time and you will finish in time.

Always start with the name of Allah Pak say Bismillah.

Your Uncle
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