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Question By   Ayesha Shaikh

Problem in Maths and Urdu.

Dear Uncle Shine, My question to you is I am very weak in Maths and Urdu. When I was in primary Maths was really easy but Urdu was a bit difficult. But now they both are like so difficult. First I always came first but now because of Maths and Urdu I lost my position and came fourth. Now my friends tease me a lot. They call me and make fun of me. My parents are also disappointed. What to do? Please answer fast because I really want to work hard but I am always distracted. My mother has talked to my uncle for tuition for Maths and Urdu. He is really good in these subjects but I really hate going tuition. Hope you will reply fast. Your sincerely, Ayesha Shaikh

Problem About   Studies
City   Karachi
School/College   Kingsley American School
Total Views   299
Published   Nov 18th 2013

My dear, 

It is not bad if you go for tuition for only one month in summer holidays.

So that you can learn basics very well.

Go to Google and search for khan academy.

They have given easy ways and means for the kids to learn math.

Learn tables by heart and concentrate on definitions as well.

For Urdu you read story books.

Practice writing daily.

It is very sweet and easy language.

Pray 5 times and pray for yourself.

Your Uncle
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