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Question By   Rozhna Ahmad

Can't memories

My dad said he will buy me a tab if I will memories \"Jawab-e-Shikwa\" (written by Allama Iqbal). It's too hard for me. What should I do I really want this video game.

Problem About   Family
City   islamabad
School/College   beaconhouse school system
Total Views   248
Published   Nov 18th 2013

My dear,

I think it is not hard because the kids of your age memorize Quran-e-Pak.

Your father loves you very much and he wants you to be a very good human being.

Best Muslim and top class student.

You do not know that how much benefit you will have after reading it. Your life will be changed.

Pray for yourself and start it.

 When you will do it please do tell me.

 Inshallah you can

Your Uncle
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