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Question By   Maayedah Tariq

Love for pets!!!!

Dear Uncle Shine! I am a big pet lover. I have always wanted to keep a pet and love and care for it but the problem is that my mom is totally my opposite. She simply hates animals and cannot stand them being within 30 feet of her, because of which I am unable to keep a pet at all. I just cannot bear not having any pet. And I am really upset! I really want a pet! Do you have any solution for my problem?

Problem About   Family
City   karachi
School/College   Bahria College
Total Views   262
Published   Nov 18th 2013

My dear,

It is a big responsibility.

Your mom knows it because when you are at school she has to look after the pet.

So it will increase her work load you can by an artificial pet from bazaar as a toy.

Who can sleep with you in your bed and everybody will be happy.

Many things we want in life but we cannot have everything.

Whatever we have we should say thanks to Allah Pak after every prayer. 

Your Uncle
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