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Question By   Zainab Khambati

Best friends

I have 2 best friends that I equally love. But my 2 best friends fight with each other a lot they think I favour one more than the other but that’s not the thing. I do not know if one feels insecure when I hang out with the other but I try to give both of them the equal amount of time. Please tell me ways that I can make them good friends from enemies really care and love them both.

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   jaffer public school
Total Views   327
Published   Nov 20th 2013

My dear, 

Sit to gather and decide that how you distribute time that they will remain happy and friendly.

Write down on a paper and follow that promise.

Pray 5 times all of you and read Quran-e-Pak daily with translation so that you can forgive each other.

Your Uncle
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